Aaaaaaand I’m back!!

It’s been a while! Looks like I started some article drafts, but never finished and published them, so this blog has been a deserted wasteland for YEARS. Oops. 😛 At least I laid the groundwork for myself, so now all I have to do is pop on here, remember how this website works, and BAM, I can start blogging! Seems simple, right?? Hopefully I get a hang of this editor soon. 🙂 A lot has changed, from my weight, to my breast shape, to my jobs, to my experience sewing; so I have a lot to write about! But for now, I’ll start with a few simple bra reviews, then maybe some alterations stories, and go from there. Thank you for your patience to everyone I blasted my blog to, I’m finally in a place to actually use it. 🙂

Why I’m here…

Wow, my first blog post.

I’ve toyed with the idea of having a website for several years now, but with college and life and all that, it was just a bit too overwhelming. Now, after encouragement from many wonderful people, it’s finally happening!! 🙂

I have a passion for clothing that fits. Surprisingly, it’s difficult to find in most stores. I could make a whole blog going into industry details, but in summary, I blame it on Fast Fashion, outsourcing, and patterns drafted to a blocky dressform that’s supposed to be some “average” to cover all body shapes. This passion, combined with a drive to constantly learn new things and always be designing and sewing, has led me to starting my own business that focuses on clothing that fits. There are a few brands out there, like Pepperberry and BiuBui, that focus on specialized curvy clothing. Some regular U.S. brands every carry multiple size styles, including misses, petite, curvy, and plus, but they tend to be on the more expensive size, and they STILL have fit issues. Then we look at the U.S. bra market…. oh, boy. Fit issues for everyone!! 😛

So why am I here? What’s the point? I think it’s a mixture of getting my brand out there, an outlet to rant about fit issues, a way to connect with other bra-savvy and fit-passionate individuals, sharing my projects and knowledge/findings with others in order to teach others, and a learning process for me as well.

For those of you who already followed my projects on Facebook, thanks for the support and encouragement to start this blog. To everyone else, welcome! Please follow me, for I am hopefully going to get several new posts up here soon about my past, current, and future projects and all their delicious details! 🙂 If the style of the blog changes a lot, well, that’s just me being a picky perfectionist trying to get the look I want, haha. I will be updating all the pages and links that you can find in the bar near the top of the page as I go along as well.

Thank you again, and more will be coming soon!! 🙂